Gynae Narratives Project

Patients undergoing radiotherapy for gynaecological cancer can experience psychosocial and physical symptoms that impact, in particular, on their sexuality and mental health. Whilst the literature acknowledges that support is necessary for all patients following treatment, little is known about the experiences of patients following radiotherapy

This project explored how patients experienced radiotherapy for gynaecological cancer using journals from initial consent for treatment to six months after treatment finished. Specifically, this focused on:

  • coping with radiotherapy
  • expectations of radiotherapy
  • levels of support needed

The aims of the project were: 

  • Supporting patients and families to build on positive strategies used by others.
  • Contribute to identifying facilitators and overcoming barriers preventing healthcare professionals and people with cancer having the right conversations about treatment demands at the right time.
  • Promoting the quality of life and well-being of those affected by gynaecological cancer, and those who support them.

The findings of this project are currently being shared at conferences and we are developing a book drawing on the findings.