Intersectional reflections on wellbeing and healthcare spaces

An online symposium organised by the FASS Health Research Hub

13-14 May 2024

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Monday 13 May

12-1 pm

Keynote: Anna McFarlane (University of Leeds), ‘The “Critical” Future of Human Reproduction: Critical Futures Studies, Speculation and Reproduction’

Chair: Sara Wasson (Lancaster University)



Panel 1: Future of Human Reproduction

Chair: Steph Wright (Lancaster University)

Laura O’Donovan, ‘On Babies in Bottles and Fetuses in Flasks – Reflections on Representations of Ex-Utero Gestation’ (Lancaster University)

Kirsty Dunn, ‘Genetic determinism and genetic enhancement in Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy’ (Lancaster University)

Sharon Ruston, ‘Monsters, Choices and Monstrous Choices in Simon Mawer’s Mendel’s Dwarf’ (Lancaster University)



Panel 2: Cultural Studies of Reproduction

Chair: Deborah Madden (Lancaster University)

Ariane Bakhtiar (York University, Toronto), ‘Destigmatizing Perinatal Opioid Maintenance Therapy’

Achinta Saha (Banaras Hindu University), ‘Giving Lives by Embracing Death: Deconstructing Jashoda’s Cancer in Mahasweta Devi’s “Stanadayini”’ 2

Emily Whittingham (University of York), ‘“A Male Pill? Sorry, that’s just too much to swallow”: Exploring how newspapers have presented the male contraceptive pill in Britain between 1970 and 2000’



Panel 3: Cultural Representations

Chair: Sara Wasson (Lancaster University)

Tom Hey (Lancaster University), ‘Eating disorders, comics, and spaces’

Georgina Aasgaard, ‘Collaborative music making and co-production in healthcare spaces’

Manjari Thakur (University of Cambridge), ‘Reading Trauma through Bodily Fluids in Poetry: Nabina Das and Tishani Doshi’


Tuesday 14 May

12.30-1.30 pm

Keynote: Nicola Williams (Lancaster University), Ethics and Ex-Utero Gestation – Envisaging reproductive futures through an intersectional lens

Chair: Ben Dalton (Lancaster University)



Panel 4: Collaboration and Community

Chair: Charlotte Baker (Lancaster University)

Shreyasi Singh (Jawaharlal Nehru University), ‘Lived Experiences of Parents of Children with Autism in India’

Arlene Jackson (Manchester Metropolitan University), ‘Whispers in the Dark: Representations of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis through collaborative listening practice’

Arunima A Vasudevan (English and Foreign Languages University – EFLU, Hyderabad), ‘Interpreting Schizophrenic Realities: Negotiating with the Boundaries of the Rational and the Irrational’



Panel 5: Healthcare spaces

Chair: Ben Dalton (Lancaster University)

K.M. Begian Lewis, ‘Birth Control for the Treatment of Bleeding Conditions and Space’

Jane Cossick and Cinar Aydogan (London Metropolitan University), ‘Spaces of Birth: multidisciplinary perspectives on what matters in the design of NHS birth settings’

Mara Pieri (University of Coimbra), ‘Transforming healthcare practices for LGBTQ+ people in later life: the case of a toolkit shaped by embodied experiences’