Little Books

Our little books series draws on a range of disciplines – from chemistry to creative exchange, material sciences to management, and design to sociology – to communicate key concepts and contexts relevant to environmental solutions 

Plastics In Everyday Life

The purpose of this Little Book is to provide a holistic but condensed overview of the key aspects of plastics as they are produced, con- sumed and disposed of in contemporary consumer culture. We centre attention not just on the materiality of plastics but also on their meanings and how they come to be experienced and lived with in daily life.

Design Policy For Net Zero

This Little Book explains what net zero carbon policies are, and why these policies need to ensure that all of society is included in their design. It also includes suggestions for designing equitable net-carbon zero policies.

Societal Readiness

This Little Book tells you about research on social and ethical aspects of innovation for a low carbon mobility transformation

How To Manage Planet Earth

In this Little Book we will address the question ‘To what extent is it possible to manage the planet?’ Our book will help situate the challenges and implications management face in developing sustainable approaches to planet Earth and their adequacy. Key concepts from environmental science and management literature will also be explained.