Cross disciplinary collaboration for solving complex environmental issues

Environmental Solutions at Lancaster

Collaboration across disciplines and sectors is vital to address the pressing environmental problems society faces, world over. Environmental sciences can help us understand the challenges, but these are complex systemic issues that can only be solved by drawing on a diverse range of expertise in research and practice. 

At Lancaster University, we aim to build on existing strengths in interdisciplinary environmental research and foster communities of researchers and practitioners that transcend traditional subject and organisational boundaries and develop environmental solutions. 

To help make connections, here we bring together a diverse directory of relevant people and places at Lancaster University alongside a range of resources that explore and showcase how we can collaborate across disciplines and sectors and work towards environmental solutions. 

“Working across disciplines isn’t easy. To arrive at solutions that truly work for ecosystems and people in a socially just way means getting out of our comfort zone and understanding the problem from multiple differing perspectives. Our aim is that the resources hosted here help us build a shared understanding and appreciation for what various methods and approaches can bring to environmental problems.

— Jess Davies, Director of the Centre for Global Eco-innovation

This work has been supported by the Natural Environment Research Council Discipline Hopping award.