Library Workshops 2024

In spring 2024, the Davy Notebooks Project will be running a series of hands-on workshops at libraries across the North West.

Participants will be invited to research and create new notes for information such as the people, places, and chemical terms that appear on the pages of Davy’s notebooks.

These notes will then appear on the digital edition of the notebooks on Lancaster Digital Collections, an open-access collection available for members of the public to use online.

At the workshops, Professor Sharon Ruston, who heads the project, will discuss the poetry that has been discovered recently in Davy’s notebooks – making national headlines.

You can read more about the library events here.

Our upcoming library events are:

Thursday 21 March, 12-2pm, at Lancaster Central Library
Monday 8 April, 1-3pm, at Barrow Library
Friday 19 April, 11-1pm, at Penketh Library, Warrington

For participants, here are links to our guidance document, poems for the workshop, and our survey.