The Davy Notebooks Project team gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in funding the full project (2021-) through its Standard Research Grant scheme. The pilot project (2019) was funded through the AHRC’s Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement scheme.

The team also gratefully acknowledges additional funding received from the UCL STS Summer Studentship scheme (which enabled us to employ Alexander Theo Giesen as a research assistant), and the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry’s Subject Development Awards scheme (which enabled us to employ Sarah Wagstaffe as a video producer). We are grateful to Alexander and Sarah for their assistance.

Our Contributors

The following contributors wish/wished to be acknowledged for their transcription work on Zooniverse. Thanks to all who have contributed!

Full Project (2021-) (addition of names ongoing)

Professor Salvatore Parisi (ProfSP); Mr Carmelo Parisi (MrCP); Professor Suni Mary Varghese (ProfSMV); Mrs Roberta Giacometti (MrsRB).

Pilot Project (2019)

Adele Fidlan; Adrienne Lai; Anaïs Tripodi; Ann Kelcey; Charles Horn; charlielutra24; Christina Juhlin; Daniel McAteer; Davide Amato; JaneChurchill/Rachael Pymm; Janet Cormack; JDavidJ; Jennifer Greenfield; Laura Fox; Lightfish/Helen Golubeva; Lillian Maisfehlt; Liz Haigh; Mari-Elna Sutcliffe; Nancy Oudman; NLink; PenguinsRCute; Priya Ann Singh; Ruth Bingham; Simon Liddle; Sue Needham; Sue Tearne; Whitby_Jet; Zephyr Taurel.

Project Partners/Funding Bodies