The University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. Despite being a relatively young university, the institution was founded on the experience and tradition of well over 150 years of higher education. We are a growing, multi-campus university that is home to over 10,000 students.

Our institution offers high quality research-informed academic studies, professionally focused programmes and technical skills to help students achieve their future career goals. By creating knowledge with our research, sharing information through our courses and making business connections with our placement opportunities, we help enable our students to realise their potential and achieve life-changing outcomes.

Our Expertise

Within the University there is wide ranging expertise to support innovation. Within the Sciences we have substantial expertise in forestry, conservation, outdoor studies and the environment, together with chemistry, biology, biomedical and forensic specialisms.

Related to health and sport, our knowledgebase is wide ranging from sport science, radiography and medical imaging to nursing and paramedic science, and physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social care. Our experience within business and social sciences and extends to policing, law and criminology together with the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University is one of the UK’s top 10 universities, and is established as a world player in research, teaching and business engagement and enterprise. The University is now the leading UK higher education institution for economic development regeneration according to the 2014-15 Higher Education Business and Communities Interaction Survey.

The University is relentless in its quest to engage with, and develop, external businesses and organisations coupling such work to its core academic excellence. We have an international outlook, but also work closely with our partners nationally and across the Northwest of England. Our strong commitment to engaging with industry has helped thousands of northern businesses grow and cements the University’s position as a key economic anchor institution for the Northern Powerhouse.

Our Expertise

Within the University there is considerable expertise to support innovation that compliments the University of Cumbria’s expertise. Within Science and Technology there is expertise in and cutting-edge science and technology equipment for advanced manufacturing, chemistry, energy, environmental sciences, health and human development, information and communication technologies, security and quantum technology.

Lancaster University Management School is a quadruple-accredited, world-ranked management school, with the passion for ideas you would expect from one of the UK’s top business schools.

Our Faculty of Health and Medicine offers a unique blend of biomedical, medical and social science expertise and has strong links with the NHS, and our Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a dynamic and creative community of enquiry, learning and engagement.

Benefits of the Cumbria Innovations Platform
  • Reduce the risk of research and development
  • Speed up innovation
  • Support the development and commercialisation of new products
  • Accelerate growth in innovative Cumbrian businesses

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Peter Cornwall on +44 (0)1524 510 728 to find out more about our innovation development programme

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Chris Lambert on +44 7814 076610 to find out more about the scientific facilities on offer

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