How to ensure you always see our Facebook posts

A few of our followers have reported that they don’t always see our Facebook posts very promptly (in fact, sometimes they may appear a day late!). So here’s how to ensure you never miss one of our Facebook posts.

Updated: 08/03/2017 – new layout introduced

  • Go to the AuroraWatch UK Facebook page in a web browser (rather than through a Facebook app). You’ll need to make sure you’re logged in as well.
  • Hover over the “Following” button (will appear as “Follow” if you have not already liked the page).
  • Under the heading “IN YOUR NEWS FEED” chose “See first“. This will ensure that when we post an update, it will always appear at the top of your news feed.
  • Under the heading “NOTIFICATIONS” chose “On (All posts)” (or similar). This will ensure that you receive a notification when we post. If you don’t see the “All posts” option:
    • Click the pencil icon.
    • Choose “All posts” from the list.

Here’s a screenshot:

Set your AuroraWatch UK Facebook settings as shown to ensure you recieve prompt notifications of our posts.