Workshop From Evolution to Revolution, a Roadmap for Beyond 5G

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 –  Seminar Room 5  11.00 – 18-30

5G is not yet fully deployed, but its initial definition based on challenging targets, e.g. 1000 k connections per km2, billions of IOTs, 10s Gb/s connections, 1 ms latency, has been surpassed by unpredictable and new scenarios stemmed from the fast changes of the modern world. 5G is more a new environment rather than a distribution modality of internet. As soon as 5G started, its transformation and mutation are continuously reshaping it. It was an evolution, now it is a revolution.

As with all the revolutions, enthusiasms, actions, ideas, achievements flourish every day. The question is: what comes after the revolution?

This workshop takes energy from a formidable congregation of leading scientists, members of the first ever cluster of EC Horizon 2020 projects. The ICT Beyond 5G Cluster is formed by the successful projects of the call ICT 09, worth more than €20M. Seven projects complementary and visionary funded to respond to the 5G revolution.

The workshop will explore new streams beyond 5G by invited speakers, by discussing the latest results of the H2020 projects members of the cluster and by soliciting visionary contributions from the 5G community.

The aim is to stimulate a collective brainstorming to predict where the revolution is heading, what the technology can achieve and what impact will be on future deployment, economy and society.

At the end of each talk, instead of the typical Q&A, audience will be asked to extract key concepts and noted on a virtual board.

A panel session will challenge those visions to converge in one or more “beyond 5G” revolutionary scenarios and landscapes.


Stimulate a deep thinking on vision and directions for beyond 5G revolution. The seven H2020 projects of the ICT Beyond 5G Cluster are already working with different approaches to form the future of 5G. The workshop will extend concepts and discussion to a wider audience for sharing and stimulate views on evolution, revolution and beyond the revolution.

Download the call for paper From Evolution to Revolution, a roadmap for beyond 5G_CfP

Deadline for paper submission: May 30,  2019 
Acceptance Notification:           June 30, 2019
Camera-Ready Submission:     July 31,   2019



Projects financed through the call ICT-09-2017 “Networking research beyond 5G” of EU H2020 program

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