‘Superheroes in PJs’, by Grae Salisbury

This is shocking.                 I am not an object and I am not broken but                                           the pain tells me differently.   This is chronic.               Why am I not adjusted yet?   It comes and goes, it’s all my consciousness                                                         or                                           all I want is to lie down.   And when […]

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‘Flare*’, by

I’ve slept through Christmas. I shiver and pull the covers over me; sweat, and throw the covers off. My head bobs with nausea as I hobble to the bathroom to pee. The cats stay away, though at some point I hear them sliding across the living room floor, chasing that knitted ball with the bell.  They […]

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‘Footsteps’, by Jacqueline Woods

Pain permeates her dreams, Seeps into this anaemic morning. Sucking breath to unhinge each joint stuck fast through the cramp of night. The bathroom is an agony away, Tender feet must scrape each step while Wincing fingers trace the rails along her jagged journey. Tap turners levered by cankered wrists bring the gush and plunge […]

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