Sessions’ Titles (provisional list):


Art Talks

Atmospheric Adventures

Automation and Driving-Less-Ness?

Automobility and Automation

Bridging Transport History and Mobilities Studies

City Walks I

City Walks II

Data Mobilities

Driverless Dreams


Dystopic Immobilities

Everyday Mobilities

Futures of Mobility in Turku

Heterogeneous Work

Home, Neighbourhood and Community

Imagining Mobilities

Intersections Media and Mobilities


Mobilities and Innovation

Mobilities and LIterature

Mobility and Museums

Mobility and Utopias Workshop

Mobility and UtopiasPosthuman Mobilities

Mobility Justice

Past Futures

Post-Car Futures Paris Region

Seeking a New Role for Transport History

Sharing Mobilities

Social Movements and Protest

The Narrow Utopias of Finance


Transport, Traffic, Travel

Unsettled Mobilities

Urban Mobilities and Methods

Vistas for Future New Mobilities