Artists and Exhibitors

The Mobile Utopia conference at Lancaster University (November 2017) will include an exhibition of artworks and a catalogue, offering the opportunity to explore and promote artists’ contribution to the field.  Further details of the conference themes are in the Call for Participation. A limited number of bursaries are available for exhibiting artists to attend the conference if not in full time academic posts.

Mobilities research takes place across multiple disciplines and uses movement as a methodological, critical and theoretical lens to ask how people, things, materials, data, media and communications are mobile and immobile. In parallel a ‘mobilities turn’ can be identified in art practices that include (but are not exclusive to): walking, cycling, driving, shipping, flight, human and animal migrations, global networks, flows of information, social media, biological contagion, tracking, mail art, virtual worlds, locative media, travel, kinetics, robotics and mobile devices.

We welcome abstracts from artists working with mobility or movement in any media.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Exhibition organisers,

Jen Southern, Emma Rose, Linda O’Keeffe

Please contact at Cemore with questions related to the exhibition.