Panoramic Utopias CfP – open

Panoramic Utopias – Call for online participation

You’re invited to contribute to an online collaborative artwork!

“Panoramic Utopias” is an online participatory artwork that accumulates panoramic images from people and places around the world. Created by Kaya Barry, this interactive artwork invites you to contribute photographs of mobile utopia experiences – such as travel, movement, transit spaces, landscapes, pedestrian movement.

Mobile media saturate the way we navigate through places, as tourists and in everyday life, offering alternative mechanisms for knowing and sensing the environments we move through. However, these utopian images also capture our interactions with an array of materials, infrastructures and global mobilities systems that enable, restrict, and mediate travel paths. With ever increasing demand and desire for international travel, it is important to consider how we value and imagine our transit as part of larger material-technological systems. “Panoramic Utopias” is a collaborative and creative artwork that explores how mobilities and transit experiences are imagined, co-created, and re-presented. It will evolve through your contributions over the coming weeks, and culminate at the Mobile Utopia exhibition.


– Visit the website: on your phone, tablet, or computer.

– Take panoramic photographs (either a single panorama on your smartphone or a series of photos to be stitched together) and upload it to the website.

– Contribute images at any time – the website will automatically collate the panoramic photographs for the exhibition at the Mobile Utopias conference/exhibition.

– For further information or questions, please contact Kaya Barry: