Feb 19th seminar: finite lives on finite planet

Thursday 19th February, 12 – 1.30pm, Charles Carter C37/40, Lancaster University with Katherine Froggatt, Prof of Ageing and Palliative Care, Division of Health Research, Faculty of Health and Medicine Lancaster University + Hugh Kidd, in2finity

. . .  finite lives on finite planet . . .
Katherine Froggatt (Health Research) and Hugh Kidd (in2finity) will use finitude as a lens to look at human life on planet earth.   Humans have always lived knowing their finite life span – although in modern times medicine has pushed its immediate awareness into the background.  What is newly present is an awareness of how a finite planet has implications for human life on earth.  The session will bring together two contexts of limits: human mortality and planetary constraints and will inquire into how we might live meaningful and flourishing lives when confronted with finitude.

Download presention here finite lives on a finite planet