Dec 4th seminar: What do you think you are doing? A reflective conversation

Thursday 4th December, 12 – 1.30pm, Management School LT6 Lancaster University with Judi Marshall, Prof of Leadership and Learning, Dept of Management Learning and Leadership, Lancaster University Management School

What do you think you are doing? A reflective conversation initiated by Judi Marshall
In a distinguished career spanning over 4 decades, Judi has been seeking to contribute to systemic change for a more environmentally sustainable and socially just world through her research, teaching and membership of institutions. As she is formally retiring at the end of this term, we have invited her to reflect on what she has been doing. Judi will begin the session by addressing the following questions, after which she will invite those present to form subgroups and consider these questions for themselves.

  • What did you think you were doing?
  • How have you been going about it?
  • What have you learnt about change and resilience?

Judi’s answers incorporate the approach of living life as inquiry (Marshall, 1999; in process) which integrates inquiry, systemic thinking and attention to issues of power – and recognises the arrogance of thinking we can have influence…

Further areas that may be explored in the session:

  • What ideas we draw on
  • How we see change
  • If / how we try to take care of ourselves
  • What supports us
  • How we navigate pessimism-optimism-hope conundrums??

Activities Judi brings to the conversation include:

  • Core member of the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP) University of Bath School of Management, early 1990s to 2008.  Inc PhD programme.
  • Development, with colleagues, of action research based MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice.  Director of Studies 1997 to 2008, and a core tutor on four intake groups.
  • Development of Ecological Thinking and Action in Management, inquiry based final year undergrad option (over 100 students in 2007, last year it ran).
  • Joined Lancaster University Management School in 2008.
    Development of MA in Leadership for Sustainability at Lancaster with colleagues.  Programme Director 2009 to 2013, and a core tutor on two intake groups.
  • Co-organisation of cross-campus events at LU in Global Futures series, with Mike Berners-Lee and Stuart Walker

Research interests have included:
Managerial job stress; organizational cultures and change; women in management; participative, action-oriented forms of education for sustainability; action research (especially first person inquiry approaches); leadership (especially taking leadership for sustainability); gendering of corporate social responsibility; careers (especially recently ‘responsible careers’).