Current Members

Prof. Monika Büscher – Lancaster University, UK

Monika Büscher is professor of Sociology and director of the Centre of Mobilities Research (Cemore) and Associate Director for the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University. She co-edits the book series Changing Mobilities. Her current work examines ethical legal and social implications of IT innovation in Disaster and Risk Management contexts.

Dr. Anne Galloway – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Anne Galloway is director of The More-Than-Human Lab, and teaches and publishes in the areas of design ethnography and speculative design. Her own work draws on cultural studies, and science and technology studies, to critically examine design research practices, particularly in the area of human-animal interactions.

Dr. David Tyfield – Lancaster University, UK

David Tyfield is a Reader in the Lancaster Environment Centre.  David’s research examines the complex processes of knowledge production around global knowledge economies, focussing on the role of China and its impact of urban mobility, agri-futures, and the notion of ‘ecological civilisation’. His most recent book is Liberalism 2.0 and the Rise of China: Global Crisis, Innovation, Urban Mobility.

Dr. Ian Bailiey – Lancaster University, UK

Ian Bailiey is a Lecturer in accelerator physics and a member of the Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology. His work pursues the discovery of new particles at both low and high energies, including hidden-sector or “dark matter” photons. As Ian puts it, he is attempting to ‘shine a light through a wall’.

Dr. Serena Pollastri – Lancaster University, UK

Serena Pollastri is International Lecturer in Design at ImaginationLancaster and Beijing Jiatong University, Weihai. Her research explores visualisation processes, using speculative design and visual artefacts for mapping historical, environmental and cultural dimensions of place.

Dr. Jen Ross – Edinburgh University, UK

Jen Ross is Senior Lecturer in Digital Education and co-director of the Centre for Digital Education. She explores a variety of approaches, including speculative method and ‘not-yetness’, to critically examine emerging technologies and digital education technologies and cultures.

Shawn Bodden, Edinburgh University

Shawn Bodden is a geographer and performance artist, exploring the ethnomethodologies of alternative city spaces. Shawn currently works in Budapest on a participatory action research project with several social centres and alternative cultural spaces.

Matt Smith – Loughborough University

Matt Smith examines alternative navigation technologies, including embedded and wearable devices, through the lenses of speculative and critical design.