April 15, 2018

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We have produced a short film about the Phosphorus Story that be found here



Rothwell et al 2020, Phosphorus stocks and flows in an intensive livestock dominated food system, Resources Conservation and Recycling, 163, 105065.

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Withers et al 2019, Towards resolving the phosphorus chaos created by food systems, AMBIO.


Links to all our project publications can be found on ResearchGate



A technical report on Phosphorus Stocks and Flows in the Northern Ireland Food System can be found here

A technical report on the Behavioral impacts of Northern Ireland’s Funded Soil Sampling and Training Scheme for DAERA can be found here


Book Chapters

If you would like to find out more about why phosphorus is such a special element and critical to our lives today, see this published chapter co-authored by Paul in ‘Phosphorus: Polluter and Resource for the Future’.



Paul Withers features in a National Geographic article on the phosphorus crisis and potential solution that can be found here



Shane Rothwell and Donnacha Doody were interviewed by Matt Schulz of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance about the Northern Ireland phosphorus substance flow work here

Donnacha Doody was interviewed by BBC Good Morning Ulster about the technical report on Phosphorus Stocks and Flows in the Northern Ireland Food System, it can be found at here 00:19 mins