Academic staff

Panos Athanasopoulos

Aina Casaponsa

Patrick Rebuschat

Sayaka Sato

PhD students

Amal Albureikan (Language and thought in monolinguals and bilinguals: A study of motion events in
Arabic and English, Qassim University scholarship)

Mahdi A. Almajdoa (Exploring the effect of lexical ambiguity type and meaning frequency on lexical access in second language
processing, Jazan University scholarship)

Angelica Fulga (The effect of language background on classifying novel objects and events in Turkish and English)

Jose Luis Moreno Vega (Input and output enhancement in instruction second language acquisition)

Diana Pili-Moss (Individual differences in child second language acquisition)

Neil Walker (The distributed practice effect in second language acquisition)

Sam Jones (Phonological representations in the lexicons of children with developmental language disorder)

Dheyaa Al-Fatlawi (Perception of Sarcasm in Arabic EFL/ESL learners)

Research assistants

Abigail Dutton (SPRINT internship 2017)

Paulina Kutsarova (SPRINT internship 2017)


PERLL Collabators (in alphabetical order):

Johanna Barry (MRC Institute of Hearing Research – The University of Nottingham)

Emanuel Bylund (Stockholm)

Zoltan Dienes (Sussex)

Jon Andoni Duñabeitia (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language. BCBL)

Aline Godfroid (Michigan State)

Sarah Grey (Penn State)

Detmar Meurers (Tuebingen)

Padraic Monaghan (Lancaster, Psychology)

Kara Morgan-Short (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Martin Rohrmeier (Dresden)

Kaitlyn Tagarelli (Dalhousie)

Guillaume Thierry (Bangor)

Nicole Ziegler (Hawaii, Manoa)

John Williams (Cambridge)