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3d printing my friend's brain in bright orange

Dr Hannah J Stewart – Head Pelican

I am a paediatric auditory neuroscientist and I lecture in Developmental Psychology. I am interested in the effect of everyday hearing technology on children with normal hearing and hearing impairment. Specifically, on their cognition and academic ability. I use neuroimaging techniques to understand the underlying mechanisms of speech and non-speech listening skills. I am also exploring how to bring gaming and virtual reality to paediatric hearing and listening research.

I completed my PhD at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research looking at auditory attention in children. During my PhD I won ERASMUS funding to go to the Rotman Institute in Toronto to work with Dr Claude Alain and learn how to use EEG and MRI. This grew my love for neuroimaging and led me to postdocs at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with Professor David Moore, where I led the MRI work, and UCL with Professor Stuart Rosen.

My work has been funded by the EPSRC, MRC, ERASMUS ACN, The Oticon Foundation, RNiD and NSF.

Outside of science I am a big baker, cakes and puddings especially. Lately I have been tearing my house apart and am slowly putting it back together again.

Megan Griffiths

Research assistant

I am an undergraduate student of psychology with a particular interest in neuroscience and developmental psychology. Specifically, I am fascinated by the biology of the brain and how it works to allow us to live our lives, from learning language to regulating our emotions and so on. I am also very interested in how atypical development and disorders can be studied in the brain.

In my personal life I enjoy reading fiction and baking. Something particularly delicious that I enjoy making is kladdkaka, a Swedish dessert that is a cross between a brownie and a chocolate cake!

Faye Brookes

Research assistant

I am an undergraduate Psychology student at Lancaster University. Within psychology I have a particular interest in Neuroscience. In my spare time, I am part of the baking society executive and enjoy reading thriller books.

Amelia Simmonds

Research assistant


Erin Rothwell-Wood

Research assistant


Dayna Tryer

Research assistant

Robyn Coombe

UG project student

Paediatric Listening, Cognition and Neuroscience

The PELiCAN Lab is associated with Lancaster University’s BabyLab.

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