Off the Page and Creative Writing A Levels Assessment Objectives


How does Off the Page prepare your students for the Creative Writing A Levels?

Naomi and I can deliver Off the Page workshops to your Creative Writing A Level students on your campus or ours. Possible format:

Naomi, our team of actors and I arrive to your College.

With students in  briefly go over some Creative Writing tips

We group students in to small groups and give them a writing prompt.

After a set amount of time the students are brought together to discuss the writing exercise. In the meantime, the actors look over the drafts.

After reviewing the drafts, the actors return, students assemble and each group’s draft is acted out. The students will watch their characters interact, their scenes develop and their dialogue re-imagined as their characters act and react to the situations they have been written in to.

After reviewing the drafts,the students and actors are reunited for a discussion led by Naomi and I. The discussions explore writing as process, revision/editing, text translated, performance and text, reader interpretation and translation and more. The discussions offer writers the opportunity to reflect on decisions, feedback and how to edit the piece as a part of their writing process.

Workshops are adaptable for individuals and groups.

Creative Writing A Level Assessment Objectives:

Unit 1: Writing on Demand; Unit 2: Exploring Creative Writing (AO1, AO2, AO3) and can help students develop tools, strategies and confidence for Unit 4: The Writing Portfolio (AO1, AO2, AO3).

Contact Naomi and I at for more information or to discuss how we can help your students gain confidence and develop skills for the Creative Writing A Levels.

Even a lone seagull is part of a flock.

Even a lone seagull is part of a flock.