Welcome to Off the Page

Writing does not have to be a solitary pursuit.

Writing does not have to be a solitary pursuit.

Off the Page workshops bring your characters to life. These character-driven workshops allow writers to see their characters interact, breathe, move and react according to the text. They allow writers to see narrators engaging the audience; to watch characters navigate scenes, to hear characters dialogue and to feel what works and what doesn’t.Through professional actors, these workshops offer writers real-time interaction with their characters the way readers interpret them.

At the end of each workshop, writers have the opportunity to ask the actors questions, to provide feedback and are given written feedback by writing workshop leaders. The actors are also given feedback by the group and have the opportunity to speak with the writers to gain valuable insight on how their work is received by its creators.

The workshops are open to the public.

Who is Off the Page for?

Writers at any stage of development benefit from feedback. Off the Page workshops help writers engage with their characters as actors (readers) interpret them.