Getting the Brain into Gear – an online study is an online study aiming to explore the relationship between age-related word-difficulties and lifestyle factors. This study is part of Getting the Brain into Gear PhD project.

Study details [the study has completed data collection]:
For this experiment, you will be required to complete some questionnaires and tasks online. Because the study is online, you can do everything at home, but you will need access to a laptop or computer. The online surveys will include demographic questions, as well as questions about your participation in leisure, mentally-stimulating (e.g. doing word puzzles), and physical activities. The online tasks will include speech tasks.
The whole study (questionnaires and tasks) should take around 60-90 minutes.

Participant requirements:
We need volunteers aged between 18-30, 40-55, or 65-80. Volunteers must be right-handed, monolingual speakers of British English (i.e. not speaking another language smoothly and without hesitation), without any (history of) neurological, psychiatric, or language disorders.

The time required to complete the questionnaires and the tasks is around 60 to 90 minutes.

This study is online, so you can participate from your home using your computer or laptop.

Data collection has completed and we are currently analysing the data.

Contact details:
If you have any questions about this study or want to know more about the outcomes, please email Elise Oosterhuis –