The Hearing and Movement Study is an online study aiming to understand the influence of brain resources involved with movement on understanding speech. This study is part of the Hearing Brain Project

Study details:
For this experiment, you will be required to attend an online study session with the researcher in which you will complete a short questionnaire and an online listening task. Because the study is online, you can do everything at home, but you will need access to a laptop or computer with a webcam and earphones/headphones. The online questionnaire will include demographic questions, as well as questions about your hearing. The online listening task will involve listening to speech sounds and identifying them.

Participant requirements:
We need volunteers aged between 18-30, or 60-85. Volunteers must be right-handed, monolingual speakers of British English, without any (history of) neurological, psychiatric, or language disorders.

The online session is expected to take approximately 1 hour.

This study is online, so you can participate from your home using your computer or laptop.

Recruitment for this study will end in September 2021

Contact details:
If you want to take part, or ask any questions about this study please email Dr Kate Slade –

Additional information: 
If you would like additional information about the study, please view the Hearing and Movement Study – Participant Information Sheet.