oct 12: mobilizing the new mobilities paradigm

Sheller and Urry. 2016. Mobilizing the new mobilities paradigm. Applied Mobilities 1(1):10-25. PDF

March 27th Bike Ride 40+ Kms, about 2 degrees

4-5PM, Bowland North B37 (Mobilities Lab). Everyone is invited to attend and join the discussion! If you can’t be there in person, skype is possible.

Abstract. A new mobilities paradigm emerged a decades or so ago in the context of significant theoretical shifts, methodological developments and novel research questions and approaches. We begin by considering what is meant by the idea of a “paradigm” from Thomas Kuhn. We then examine many ways in which this new paradigm transformed applied mobilities research over the past decade and how it might continue to reconfigure it. The new paradigm and three interconnected theoretical approaches are set out, before turning to assess the impact of the new paradigm upon emerging fields of social science by using various quantitative and qualitative measures. We examine the transformed ecology of this significant emergent field. Finally, the article explores the paradigm’s important relevance for applied research in urban transportation, climate change and energy transitions.