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Welcome to the website of Lancaster University Bee Keepers (LUBK). We are a small group of Lancaster University staff, managing the campus apiary, started in June 2018. We acknowledge funding from Lancaster University Wind Turbine Community Benefit Fund, and Lancaster University Friends Programme Grant, and we are grateful to our sponsors for their support. This project started back in October 2015, and we now have our campus apiary, the Eco Hives, adjacent to the Eco Hub.

We welcome expressions of interest or comment. Please use our contact form on the “contact us” page. There are many opportunities to get involved, and we will update our website with Lancaster University Bee Keepers events and activities.

Lancaster University Bee Keepers Committee:

Chair: Dr Nadia Mazza 

Secretary: Prof Peter McClintock

Treasurer: Dr Paul Dunning-Lewis

Scientific Advisor: Dr Philip Donkersley

Undergraduate students Representative: Alexis Brownlee 

Committee members:

Darren Axe  (Green Lancaster Coordinator)

Jon Mills (Carbon, Environment & Sustainability Manager)

Prof Ken Wilson    (Lancaster Environment Centre)