**Talks are held at 3pm unless stated otherwise.**


Date/Time Place Presenter/Topic
Monday 11th May County Main SR1 Laura Filardo Llamas (Valladolid): Re-contextualizing Political Discourse: An Analysis of Shifting Spaces in Songs Used as a Political Tool
Monday 18th May County Main SR1 Kristoff Savski (Lancaster): Language Policy in the Slovene Parliament: A Nexus Analysis
Monday 8th June County Main SR1 Discussion Session I: Discourse during the 2015 Election
Monday 22nd June County Main SR1 Discussion Session II: Discourse during the 2015 Election
Time/Date Place Presenter/Topic
Monday 19th January County South C89 *Joint meeting with CogLing*
Chris Hart
(Lancaster University): Positioning in Political Discourse: A Cognitive Linguistic Account
Monday 2nd  February Bowland Nth SR 23 Alison Sealey (Lancaster University) and Stephen Bates (University of Birmingham): Prime Ministerial Performance and Backbench Agendas: Preliminary Results from a Corpus-Based Analysis of Prime Minister’s Questions, 1979-2010
Monday 9th February Bowland Nth SR 23 Julia Gillen (Lancaster University): The Umbrella Revolution: Investigating Symbols of Protest
Monday 16th February Bowland Nth SR 23 Stella Bullo (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Evaluation in Advertising Reception: A Socio-cognitive and Linguistic Study
Monday 23rd February Bowland Nth SR 23 Arran Stibbe (University of Gloucestershire): Ecolinguistics and the Stories We Live by
Monday 2nd  March Bowland Nth SR 23  Mini-conference: Corporate Discourse
Monday 9th March Bowland Nth SR 23 Juana Marín Arrese (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): Epistemic and Effective Control in Discourse
Monday 16th March Bowland Nth SR 23 *Joint meeting with RiGLS*
Jackie Mullins: Analysis of the 2006 Irish High Court Ruling on the Issue of Same-sex Marriage
Date/Time Place Presenter/Topic
Monday 6th October County South C89 Introduction to LIP, discussion of conferences attended and issues arising
Monday 13th October Bowland North SR02 (*Joint session with LRDG)
Mark Sebba (Lancaster): English a Foreign Tongue’: The 2011 Census in England and the Misunderstanding of Multilingualism 
Monday 20th October Bowland North SR23 Discussion session: Fairclough (2014).  ‘What is CDA?’
Monday 27th October Bowland North SR02 Data Session – The Hong Kong Protests in the media
Monday 10th November County South C89 Majid KhosraviNik (Newcastle) and Johnny Unger (Lancaster):
Critical Discourse Studies and Social Media 
Monday 17th November Bowland North SR23  PhD Presentations
Monday 24th November Bowland North SR02 (*Joint session with RiGLS and UCREL)Susan Leavy (Trinity College Dublin): Detecting Gender Bias in Media Coverage of Politicians using Using Automated Text Classification
Monday 1st December Bowland North SR23 Federico Sicurella (Lancaster): Intellectuals as Nation-makers in the Post-Yugoslav Context