Faculty Forum Feedback


At the Faculty forums at the beginning of February, student reps gave us lots of feedback on your behalf. Your experience of using the refurbished building has been positive, although there are also some issues that you want us to address.

The Library environment

You said that the library can be messy at times, particularly the group study spaces. We have placed an order for bins for all group study spaces and introduced daily early morning cleaning of the rooms.

Issues with some aspects of the building environment were highlighted, including lights going out when you are studying, and problems with heating and ventilation. The refurbished building still needs some fine-tuning to ensure the optimum conditions, and this is being addressed urgently. Please help us by telling a member of library staff of any specific areas where you have had a problem.

Computers and printers

You asked for clearer information about the availability and use of loanable laptops, computers and printers. We will shortly be introducing an additional laptop loan machine to provide a further 30 laptops. We’ll also be adding more information to these facilities to provide guidance on their use at the point that you need it.

Information and signs

We are reviewing how we use the information screens in the Library to make key information more prominent. We’ll focus information about the building, such as computer and group work space availability, on the touch screen and on the A Floor information screen. We’ll also look at making this available online.

You highlighted that the locations of some subject areas were difficult to find so we’ve introduced some additional signs to make this easier.

Study space

Feedback provided earlier in the year indicated that some areas of the building were too noisy, that there was frustration where others left coats on seats for long periods of time and that we needed more chairs.

We have reintroduced quiet and silent zones, purchased additional chairs and have been working with LUSU to promote considerate study behaviour.

You’ve highlighted that the popularity of the Library and the distribution of study space means that it can be hard to find somewhere to study. We are launching Library Journeys and Intelligent Building projects to look at innovative ways of providing you with information about the building, including study space availability.

Your feedback about the refurbished Library has helped us to make a number of improvements. Please continue to share your experiences with us and work with us to make the Library a great place to study.

Reading Room opens as Silent Study Space

The Reading Room will be the latest phase of the Library Refurbishment Project to complete.  This newly refurbished space has been furnished to promote an ethos of silent study, with magnificent views over the surrounding landscape.  It will open its doors to users at 8am on Friday 13th November.  The final phase, A Floor West, is due to complete during December 2015.

After an extensive consultation period with our students and staff, the whole Library has been designed to be a serious, academic study environment.  Most of the workspaces are for individual study, in a variety of formal and informal spaces.  Group work has been catered for by acoustically separate Group Work Spaces.  So far, we have opened 27 of these, with 5 more to follow.

So far our users have been overwhelmingly positive about the refurbished building and we are happy to be experiencing record attendance levels.   We know that some of you have been experiencing disturbance from other users and are requesting more “zoning” of the building.  We are actively reviewing how the space is working, and once the whole building is available to our users early in the New Year, we will decide how best to make the space work for everybody.  Please continue to send us your observations and suggestions, so that we can build a complete picture of how well the building is working for you.

User Experience in the Library

On the 2nd July 2015, Library staff left the Library and our offices to attend a day conference about using ethnographic research to better understand User Experience (UX).

We learned from Andy Priestner and Georgina Cronin, who shared with us methods and experiences of studying the behaviour of library users.

It was a truly fascinating day, and we’re now thinking about how we can employ some of the methods and ideas to get a richer picture of how people use the Library.

You can see tweets from the day at #uxlanc.