The Lancaster-Ghana UG Ambassadors scheme will send 18 students (and 3 academics) out to Lancaster University’s brand new campus in Accra, Ghana. The Vice-Chancellor has made funds available for an annual trip, whereby a select few second-year students are able to visit, with representatives from LaEL, Law, and PPR taking part. We’ll be there to “foster meaningful interaction between Lancaster and Ghana based students and staff,” and the trip will take place between 22nd March and 6th April 2015. The Faculty of Arts and Social Science will be funding the entire trip, including flights, airport transfers, hotel, vaccinations, visas, evening meals, breakfasts, and activities in Ghana.

This is an absolutely huge step for Lancaster University. The campus in Ghana has only just opened, and we’re all extremely proud to be the first students visiting from Lancaster.

This blog aims to record our journey, right from the point of application to returning home.