Reading Group 25 May 2017

This session will feature a focus on the measurement of poverty in India. Building on Amartya Sen’s groundbreaking work on how poverty must be reconceptualized to move beyond a focus on income in order to be meaningful in low- and middle-income country settings, the past two decades have seen a growing focus on measuring poverty as a multidimensional construct. This paper uses data from India to argue that focusing on individual multidimensional poverty rather than a household index provides an even more nuanced picture of poverty in India.

  • The short reading will be:

Vijaya, R., Lahoti, R., and Swaminathan, H. (2014). From the household to the individual: multidimentional poverty analysis. World Development Vol. 59, pp. 70–81.

  • If you would like to read more about multidimensional poverty, please see:


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