Everyday Futures: Essay Collection

postcardsfinal_Page_07Everyday Futures

Edited by Nicola Spurling and Lenneke Kuijer

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Table of Contents
Introduction: Everyday Futures as an Area of Research
Nicola Spurling (Lancaster University) and Lenneke Kuijer (TU Eindhoven) full pdf

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”
Tim Chatterton (University of the West of England) and Georgia Newmarch (Lancaster University) abstract | full pdf

Everyday Futures and Ethnographic Methods
Jill Ebrey (University of Manchester) and Isabelle Moussaoui (EDF R&D, Paris) abstract | full pdf

Futuring Fashion from Everyday Life
Lizzie Harrison (University of Arts, London) and Angella Mackey (TU Eindhoven) abstractfull pdf

Imagined Futures of the Circular Economy
Daniel Welch (University of Manchester), Margit Keller (University of Tartu) and Giuliana Mandich (University of Cagliari) abstract | full pdf

Grow Your Own: space, planning, practice and everyday futures of domestic food production
Enrico Marcore (University of Aberdeen) and Nicola Spurling (Lancaster University) abstract | full pdf

Going Digital: digital tools and the study of everyday home life
Tjerk Timan (Tilburg University) and Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs (University of St Andrews) abstract | full pdf

Connecting Past, Present and Future
Rebecca Wright (University of London) and Colin Pooley (Lancaster University) abstract | full pdf

“By Their [Data] You Will Know Them”: Historical reflections on capturing patterns in everyday life
Derek Gatherer (Lancaster University), Lenneke Kuijer (TU Eindhoven) and Ida Nilstad Pettersen (NTNU Norway) abstract | full pdf

Future Making as Collective Composition: towards an inclusive design of smart cities 
Maureen Meadows (Coventry University) and Matthijs Kouw (Rhatenau Institute, The Hague) abstract | full pdf