2019 Kick Starting Your University Career

Collection of photos of students at the event


The 2019 academic year has begun and our new first year students started their Experiencing Sociology Programme, by attending the ‘Kick-Starting your University Career’ session.   This was followed by our hair-raising Halloween social.  

Students were greeted by staff from across the university who were waiting at a variety of stalls offering a marketplace of activities beyond the degree programme that are available to our students. This was a bespoke event where Sociology majors and combined majors could get one-to-one and face-to-face advice about opportunities and experiences they could get involved in while studying at Lancaster. 

Our careers marketplace gives students the time to talk to staff about the significance of building in particular opportunities to a degree specifically in Sociology. 

This year students could chat to (among others) 

  • the Careers Service about prospects and pathways specifically for Sociology graduates; 
  • the Global Experiences team about the fine details of what it would mean to build in a year studying abroad; 
  • the FASS Placements team about how to fit in a period of work placement or do our third-year dissertation by placement. 
  • The Employment and Recruitment Service about part-time and temporary work opportunities on campus and in the local community  

Following the hustle and bustle of the stalls, students went on to discuss all these new possibilities over Halloween snacks and refreshments.  Little did they know we had a spine-tingling teaser of a challenge for them – to represent a sociological concept through the medium of pumpkin carving! 

Teams were formed, pumpkin, pipe cleaners and glitter were tossed around and all that was left was for each group to present their pumpkin.  Each team did a great job with some extremely inventive creations.