Kaivanto discussing ethics of natural field experiments in UK

Kim stirring debate about the ethics of undertaking ‘minimal risk’ field experiments that participants are unaware of without informed consent (@  UC San Diego Rady School of Management’ Symposium on Deception, Incentives and Behaviour, April 20-21, 2012).

The Ethical Quandary of Natural Field Experiments in Economics: Neither Informed Consent, Nor Deception, Nor Covert Observation!

Mark Rouncefield awarded ESRC Sustainability grant

Mark has had his ESRC Sustainability proposal accepted for the ‘Sustainable carbon calculators‘ project. It’s a 6-month project in which he and Adrian Clear will work with Mike Berners-Lee in order to create digital end-user applications and cultural probes focused around behaviour intervention for lower-carbon lifestyles. A link to the project website will be posted here once it becomes available.