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NEW! Princeton University Office of Communications: In new cognitive research people’s eyes reveal that clichés are underrated

Recorded talk: Emotion, language, and aesthetic perception: The impact of a powerful read (Lancaster Psychology Research Showcase Series, online, June 2021)

Video of my contribution to the Section “Metaphor and emotion”, minutes 5.50-6.55, The Creative Power or Metaphor Conference, Oxford, March 2019

Video of my panellist contribution to the Roundtable Discussion on “Metaphor and Emotion”, minutes 1.20-3.17; 11.13-17.05; 44.12-47.16; 54.30-55.26; 60.07-69.35, The Creative Power of Metaphor Conference, Oxford, March 2019 – Further readings here.

The Conversation: “How just one little metaphor can fire up our emotions” (November 2016)

Lancaster University: “How the vocabulary of Harry Potter triggers emotion” (April 2015)

Daily Mail, UK: “The secret to Harry Potter’s success” (April 2015)

Interview on taste metaphors for the Danish programme “Scientific world” [Videnskabens Werden], on DR radio: listen here! (in Danish, except my voice!) (February 2015)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR): “Riconosciamo un animale prima ancora di esserne coscienti” (February 2015)

From the Linguisticator, Cambridge, UK: “Language with Flavour” (August 2014)

From the Cognitive Neuroscience Society: “Sweet! Taste metaphors elicit more emotion than literal phrases” (May 2014)

From the Cluster “Languages of Emotion”, Free University of Berlin: Süße Worte – Geschmacksmetaphern berühren Leser emotional stärker als wörtliche Wendungen (June 2014)

From the Free University of Berlin: Sweet Words – Taste Metaphors Elicit More Emotion in Readers than Literal Expressions (June 2014)

From Princeton University: “Neural sweet talk: Sweet metaphors emotionally engage the brain” (June 2014)