A team of researchers, educators and student fellows passionate about transforming communities with an extra sensitive eye for our place, local content and true community needs.  

We are starting our journey together to facilitate connections between enterprise and design and the value of the complementarity of the two approaches in order to create a more holistic and creative education provision with a positive impact on our place.  

Why Place? 

The transformation of our students after the visits to local places has always made us wonder…What if the place became more than just a spot of time, what if the place became our curriculum co-creator? 

Place and our belonging to the place has always played an important part in our education. We implicitly incorporate place in our students’ experience but we do not always draw explicitly on the richness and resources of our place. Place-based education as a concept is probably more accepted in science studies where filed trips offer opportunities for data collection and unique scientific enquiry. Designers do this really well, too! They observe, record feelings, expressions, take photographs and project the spirit of a place in their designs.  

We definitely don’t want to be unfair to management education and dismiss our efforts in practical and experiential learning. Many of our courses are drawing on company visits, master classes, visiting alumni sharing their stories but rarely we take that next step and move on from dispensing knowledge developed by somebody else to co-creating our own material based on the direct interaction with our place.  

This project is focusing on nurturing designer mindset in management students, enhancing entrepreneurial learning with creativity and embracing the place with sensitivity, mindfulness and care.  

Read all about where the place took us in 54 Degrees Management School Magazine  

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