Related events

Corpora and Discourse International Conference (22-24 June, 2018)

We are pleased to announce that the Corpora and Discourse International Conference will take place at Lancaster University from 22nd-24th June 2018, the week preceding the corpus summer schools. If you are planning to join us for the summer school, this is a great opportunity to see the most recent corpus research in corpus-assisted discourse studies. To read more about the conference, please follow this link. 

Lancaster Summer Schools in GIS and NLP (2-5 July, 2018)

We are also very happy to announce that two more summer schools will take place in the week following the three corpus summer schools (2-5th July, 2018):

1. UCREL Summer School in corpus-based NLP

The UCREL NLP Summer School is intended primarily for postgraduate computer science and informatics research students (and secondarily for Masters-level students, postdoctoral researchers, and others) who require in-depth knowledge of corpus-based NLP methodologies for their degree projects. Please note that this summer school assumes existing programming knowledge and skills. It is not aimed at raw beginners in coding. Sponsored by UCREL at Lancaster University – one of the world’s leading and longest-established centres for corpus-based research – its aim is to support students of computer science and computational linguistics in the development of advanced skills in corpus-based NLP methods. To read more about the summer school and to register for it, please follow this link.

2. Summer School in GIS for the Digital Humanities

This Summer School is an intensive, hands-on introduction to the use of Geographical Information Systems aimed at PhD students and other junior researchers in the digital humanities. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is the field of geography devoted to the visualisation, in the form of maps, of non-visual data sources. These data sources can range from statistical databases to corpora of literary texts. To read more about the summer school and to register for it, please  follow this link.