Tackling Violence Against Disabled Women and Girls

Logos: Vision Sense, AVA, Lancaster University, CeDR, DRILL

The project (2017-18) was led by user-led social enterprise of disabled people, Vision Sense in partnership with Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) and Hannah Morgan and Rebecca Fish from CeDR.  Tackling Violence Against Disabled Women and Girls was funded by drill (Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning), a research programme funded by the Big Lottery.

.  The project is asking the following questions:

  • What do disabled women want from services to help them stay safe in the medium and longer term after violence and abuse?
  • What can service providers learn from safeguarding adults reviews to prevent violence and abuse?
  • How can mental health, social care and housing providers improve longer term services for disabled women?
  • How can services work together to create safer and more inclusive communities for disabled women 16 years and over?

Excellent research led discussions organised by Dr @HannahnagroM with @SusieBalderston and @BeckstaylorFish for @AVAproject. We need to end abuse of disabled women and girls #VAWGWe held a free one day conference on Monday 9th July to disseminate our research findings, the experiences of barriers to supporting disabled women and share good practice and provide an opportunity to connect with others working with disabled and Deaf women to develop networks to better support disabled women and girls after violence. You can read a report about the day here.

The project has produced a toolkit to support service providers and practitioners working with disabled women and girls. The toolkit was published in March 2019 and is available to download on the AVA website (pdf file).