It’s survey time!

Edit (24/05/18 19:36 BST): the survey is now closed. Thanks to all who took part!

Today we are opening up our AuroraWatch UK alert survey and we’d like to encourage you to take part.

The aim of the survey is to better understand how you use our alerts, how quickly you respond to them, and which alerts serve you best (i.e. email, apps, or social media). We will use the data collected to improve our service and also for academic study. For example, the aurora are quite similar to natural disasters, they’re widespread, capture interest and don’t provide much warning. Fortunately, they’re not dangerous though! This means our alerts, and how you respond to them, provide useful data for the disaster relief community.

The survey is completely anonymous, we’re not collecting any information about you specifically, and is completely optional. It should only take about 5 min to complete, and you can drop out at any time by just closing the survey window. We won’t be able to delete data once it’s submitted, though, due to the anonymous nature.

We will present the overall results here and in scientific publications in due course. We will also combine anonymous data and make this publicly available for future research.

Survey link: survey is now closed.

7 thoughts on “It’s survey time!

  1. Sadly I can’t open the page. My system details are below:

    Edit: removed system details

    • Hi Harry, it’s not just you. The survey provider’s site seems to be inaccessible right now. Nothing we can do but hope they fix it soon. Our apologies!

      I removed your system details from the post since it isn’t just you experiencing issues.

  2. when I click the link to your survey it says ‘this page cannot be displayed’

    • Yes, unfortunately the whole site our survey provider (Qualtrics) is currently not accessible. It’s not just our survey – just very unfortunate timing! We can only suggest to try again later. Sorry!

  3. Still not working correctly getting an error message – B.4757ti8.jhad33v7

    • Hi David, it seems to be working for us. Can only recommend trying again, or perhaps using a different web browser. Sorry!

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