Receive alerts by Telegram messaging service

Telegram screenshot

As a trial we’ve added Telegram to the list of services from which you can receive our alerts. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service with widespread support for all the major mobile phone platforms and computer operating systems. There are native mobile apps for Android, iPhone (and iPad), and Windows Phone. The messaging program can also be installed on computers running Windows, macOS or Linux. If you’re not covered by one of those options there is also a web interface.

To receive the alerts just add the AuroraWatch UK channel to your contacts. The message includes the alert status, description, and the geomagnetic activity plot. We’ve only recently started sending alerts to Telegram but so far the alerts have been delivered reliably and promptly. We’re interested to hear your feedback on how it performs, please add your comments below.

Users who are already familiar with Telegram will notice that our messages are sent by a Bot. At the moment the Bot just sends alerts to the channel and does not respond to messages. If the platform proves a popular method to receive alerts then we may develop the Bot to add features such as replying with the current status level or activity plot.