August 25, 2016

Programme: Sessions

WEDNESDAY 07/09/2016


Session #1: 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM : SEARCH AND OPTIMISATION 

Chair : Christopher Hinde

·           Tatiana Tambouratzis [1]

The Pilot Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2006 as a Tool for Optimising the Environmental Sustainability (ES) of a Country of Interest

·           Zixu Liu and Xiao-Jun Zeng [11]

Integrated Demand and Supply Side Pricing Optimization Schemes for Electricity Market

·           A Ahmed, David Brown and Alexander Gegov [16]

Dynamic Resource Allocation Wordload Prediction for Energy Efficient Computing

·           Dajun Zhou and Fei Chao [21]

Harmony Search Algorithm for Adaptive Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller Networks Optimization

·           Khaled Alrajhi and Wasin Padungwech [22]

A Dynamic Tabu Search Algorithm for Solving the Static Frequency Assignment Problem

·           Tao Xu, Jun He, Changjing Shang and Weiqin Ying [41]

A New Multi-objective Model for Constrained Optimisation



Session #2: 14.00 PM – 15.40 PM : MODELLING AND SIMULATION

 Chair : Qiang Shen

·         Ken McGarry, Kirsty Emery, Vithusa Varnakulasingam and Mark Ashton [2]

Complex Network Based Representational Techniques for Modelling SNP Mutations Implicated with Cardiovascular Disease

·         Jie Li, Yanpeng Qu, Hubert P. H. Shum and Longzhi Yang [19]

TSK Inference with Sparse Rule Bases

·         Han Liu, Alexander Gegov and Mihaela Cocea [23]

Complexity Control in Rule Based Models for Classification in Machine Learning Context

·         Dongjiao Ge and Xiao-Jun Zeng [36]

Modified Evolving Participatory Learning Algorithms for T-S Fuzzy System Modelling from Streaming Data

·         Fangyi Li, Changjing Shang, Ying Li and Qiang Shen [40]

Guiding Fuzzy Rule Interpolation with Information Gains



Session #3: 16.10 PM – 18.10 PM : ANALYSIS AND DETECTION

 Chair : Xiaowei Gu

 ·         Hao Chen, Susan Mckeever and Sarah Jane Delany [4]

Harnessing the Power of Text Mining for the Detection of Abusive Content in Social Media

·         Hualing Zeng, Fei Chao and Changle Zhou [26]

Towards Chinese Metaphor Comprehension based on Attribute Statistic Analysis

·         Ken McGarry, Suthinan Rujirapipat and David Nelson [27]

Bioinformatics Analysis Using Complex Networks and Clustering of Proteins Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease

·         Naohiro Ishii, Toshinori Deguchi, Masashi Kawaguchi and Hiroshi Sasaki [35]

Applications of Asymmetric Networks to Bio-inspired Neural Networks for Motion Detection

·         Ben Ma, Dazhen Lin and Donglin Cao [42]

Content Representation for Microblog Rumor Detection

·         Azliza Mohd Ali, Plamen Angelov and Xiaowei Gu [44]

Detecting Anomalous Behaviour using Heterogeneous Data

THURSDAY 08/09/2016

Session #4: 10.30 PM – 12.30 PM : COGNITION AND CONTROL 

Chair : Tatiana Tambouratzis

 ·         Alyxander May, Giovanni Acampora and Ahmad Lotfi [18]

Human Emotional Understanding for Empathetic Companion Robots

·         Jason Adair, Alexander Brownlee and Gabriela Ochoa [20]

Search Algorithms with Linkage Information for Feature Selection in Brain Computer Interfaces

·         Lingxiao Li, Shaozi Li, Donglin Cao and Dazhen Lin [38]

SentiNet: Mining Visual Sentiment From Scratch

·         Atta Badii, Maryam Karimi and Qinggang Meng [46]

Cognitive and Neuromuscular Robotic Rehabilitation Framework

·         Jiefei Wei, Qinggang Meng and Atta Badii [47]

Classification of Human Hand Movements Using Surface EMG for Myoelectric Control

·         Allah Bux, Plamen Angelov and Zulfiqar Habib [48]

Vision Based Human Activity Recognition: A Review


Session #5: 15.00 PM – 16.40 PM : LEARNING AND EVOLUTION 

Chair : Qiang Shen

 ·         Jack O’Neill, Sarah Jane Delany and Brian Mac Namee [5]

REGAL: Active Learning for Regression

·         Osman Ali Sadek Ibrahim and Dario Landa-Silva [24]

(1+1)-Evolutionary Gradient Strategy to Evolve Global Term Weights in Information Retrieval

·         Walter Bennette [31]

A data driven stopping criterion for evolutionary instance selection

·         Ahmad Al-Dahoud and Hassan Ugail [37]

A Method for Location based Search for Enhancing Facial Feature Detection

·         Alan Mosca and George Magoulas [43]

Learning Input Features Representations in Deep Learning 


Session #6: 17.10 PM – 18.30 PM : CLUSTERING AND REGRESION 

Chair : Ahmad Lotfi

·         Abdullah Alghamdi, Majdi Owda and Keeley Crockett [3]

Natural Language Interface to Relational Database (NLI-RDB) through Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

·         Ali Maina Bukar, Hassan Ugail and Nosheen Hussain [17]

On Facial Age Progression Based on Modified Active Appearance Models with Face Texture

·         Christopher Hinde, Nandini Chakravorti and Andrew West [30]

Multi objective symbolic regression

·         Conor Fahy and Shengxiang Yang [45]

Density Based Stream Clustering Using Ants