Learning Development Team

We are your Learning Development Team at Lancaster University. The Learning Development team can support students with a range of academic study practices, such as academic writing, revision techniques, English language, mathematics and statistics. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

Name: Nel Boswood

Role: Learning Development Manager

Email: h.boswood@lancaster.ac.uk


Name: Rebecca Howarth

Role: Learning Developer (LUMS UG)

Email: learningdevelopmentlums@lancaster.ac.uk


Image of Sarah Robin

Name: Dr Sarah Robin

Role: Learning Developer (LUMS PG)

Email: learningdevelopmentlums@lancaster.ac.uk


Name: Dr Anna Karapiperi

Role: Learning Developer (Maths & Stats)

Email: mash@lancaster.ac.uk









Name: Jason Hancox

Role: FST & FHM Learning Developer (Maths & Stats)

Email: mash@lancaster.ac.uk


Name: Dr Helen Hargreaves

Role: Learning Developer (English for Academic Purposes)

Email: englishlanguagedevelopment@lancaster.ac.uk


Name: Joanne Wood

Role: Learning Developer (FASS)

Email: learningdevelopmentfass@lancaster.ac.uk


Name: Dr Louise Innes

Role: Learning Developer (FST)

Email: learningdevelopmentfst@lancaster.ac.uk


Name: Dr Elizabeth Caldwell

Role: Learning Developer (FHM)

Email: learningdevelopmentfhm@lancs.ac.uk