Welcome to Fascination of Plants Day 2022

Plant and Crop Science scientist at Lancaster University are preparing online activities sharing our enthusiasm about plants and our research work. All content will be available here online from 18th May 2022 and for people to enjoy in their own time.

To celebrate Fascination of Plants Day we at LEC are running a special seminar where two of our researchers, Dr Samuel Taylor and Catherine Walsh, will share their love for plants. The seminar “My fascination with plants” will be held live and you all are very welcome to join us! It is an open public online question and answer session. Submit questions in advance on social media using #LECSeminarFoPD.  More information and how to join the seminar is available here.

Fascination of Plants is a worldwide event to celebrate and increase visibility of plants. You can find more activities and information about Fascination of Plants Day here.