The Library Atrium Wayfinding in the Library

One of most significant issues to be highlighted in the initial problem solving exercise was the need to improve how our library users can navigate our collection. With our new building opening in January 2016 there has been a period of adjustment and several of the ideas suggested touched upon how we could improve our user experience of locating what they need.

Several of the ideas presented to the group were ultimately about wayfinding and so these were combined, actions will include:

  • Improving listings in the library catalogue Onesearch to clarify location and improve user understanding
  • Create a virtual map which will help users to find the area of the library they need to visit
  • Update shelf ends to better reflect what is held and increase signage for clarity

  • These actions were then split out into distinct projects, and assigned owners to oversee the progress.


    The Library Atrium Room Bookings


    The Library Atrium Maps


    The Library Atrium Onesearch


    OneSearch Shelving