Intellectual Party 2021

Lancaster University’s postgraduate social science community would like to invite PhD and MA students to an Intellectual Party/Summer Conference 5th-7th July 2021 from 2.00-6.00 pm each day, held online.

This event is a brilliant opportunity to meet research students from around the world, to present your work in a friendly and encouraging environment, and to engage with some of Lancaster’s fantastic academic staff.

We are determined to maintain the informal and friendly atmosphere which is a hallmark of this event and at the end of the three half days you will have met all the Intellectual Party participants, you will have talked about your own research in a variety of different settings, you will have had the chance to learn about different aspects of academic life and you will have been part of a spectacular ‘grand finale’.

See the PROGRAMME for more on how the event is organised.

You can apply to talk about research on any topic in an open session or in one of the themed sessions. This year’s themes are:

  • Things DIGITAL – any aspect of the digital world
  • Things POLICY – any aspect of policy, governance, political process and law
  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY– any aspect of research on science and technology
  • PRACTICES of all kinds – organizational, health/care-related, environmental, anything..
  • OPEN SESSIONS – you can submit an abstract on absolutely any topic you want.

There will also be a three-minute thesis competition with prizes for those who present their thesis or dissertation in the most convincing, interesting and effective way possible. For more information, click here!

The £45 fee covers the costs of organizing and running the Intellectual Party, producing the Book of Abstracts, and providing prizes for the winners of the three-minute thesis competition. If you are based at Lancaster, you could see if your department would be willing to cover the fee.

If you want to take part in this event you need to submit an abstract outlining your research in 250 words by 22nd March 2021.


The number of places is limited and applicants will be selected on the basis of their abstracts. Those who are invited to join the party will have to pay the fee and provide additional materials by 3rd May 2021. These include a one slide ‘poster’ representing their PhD or of some part of it; a photograph of an object that relates to the PhD in one way or another, and some other more random information.

On behalf of the organising committee.

Tweeting: @LUsummerconf     #IPLancs2021