Oliver Bates (Lancaster University, UK) is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University focusing on the intersection between social justice, energy consumption, and technology in the freight and logistics sectors. He is the co-chair of the SIGCHI Community for HCI and Sustainability and organised SIGs at CHI (2018) alongside workshops relating to sustainability and futures.

Kathy New (Lancaster University, UK) is a PhD candidate at Lancaster University funded by the Centre of Global Eco-Innovation with a long history of working for Third Sector Organisations.

Samantha Mitchell-Finnigan (Open Lab, Newcastle University, UK) is a PhD candidate at Open Lab, Newcastle University working at the nexus of SHCI and buildings management. She is also part of the feminist technology collective

Matthew Louis Mauriello (Stanford University/Oregon State University, USA) is a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University through a joint position with Oregon State University, developing family- and youth-based behavioral interventions to promote energy efficiency using smart meter data and activity tracking.

Christian Remy (Centre for Digital Creativity Aarhus University, Denmark) is an Assistant Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, developing creativity support tools and investigating their impact on social and environmental sustainability.

Roy Bendor (Industrial Design, TU Delft, The Netherlands) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and author of Interactive Media for Sustainability (Palgrave, 2018).

Samuel Mann (Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand) is Professor of Leadership for Change at Otago Polytechnic, currently working on transformation mindsets for socio-ecological regeneration.

Simran Chopra (Northumbria University, UK) is a PhD candidate at Lab, Northumbria University. Her research intersects: SHCI, visioning, food, and community action.

Adrian Clear (Northumbria University, UK) is a Senior Research Fellow in Digital Living at Lab, Northumbria University. He works on HCI design for transitioning to more sustainable ways of living.

Chris Preist (University of Bristol, UK) is Professor of Sustainability and Computer Systems at the University of Bristol in the UK, working on the integration of environmental impacts into the design of digital services.


The organisers of this workshop wish to acknowledge the invisible labour (i.e., the content and ideation contributions) of Jen Liu, Lisa Nathan, Mike Hazas, Adrian Friday, Rob Comber and Vanessa Thomas.