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NEW recorded talk!! Emotion, language, and aesthetic perception: The impact of a powerful read (Lancaster Psychology Research Showcase Series, online, June 2021)

New video on Metaphor and Emotion (Creative Power or Metaphor conference, Oxford, March 2019). Further readings here.

How is metaphor related to emotion? The experts explain! (Creative Power or Metaphor conference, Oxford, March 2019

More on this in the Roundtable discussion on Metaphor & Emotion (Oxford, March 2019)

The Conversation: “How just one little metaphor can fire up our emotions” (November 2016)

Lancaster University: “How the vocabulary of Harry Potter triggers emotion” (April 2015)

Daily Mail, UK: “The secret to Harry Potter’s success” (April 2015)

Interview on taste metaphors for the Danish programme “Scientific world” [Videnskabens Werden], on DR radio: listen here! (in Danish, except my voice!) (February 2015)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR): “Riconosciamo un animale prima ancora di esserne coscienti” (February 2015)

From the Linguisticator, Cambridge, UK: “Language with Flavour” (August 2014)

From the Cognitive Neuroscience Society: “Sweet! Taste metaphors elicit more emotion than literal phrases” (May 2014)

From the Cluster “Languages of Emotion”, Free University of Berlin: Süße Worte – Geschmacksmetaphern berühren Leser emotional stärker als wörtliche Wendungen (June 2014)

From the Free University of Berlin: Sweet Words – Taste Metaphors Elicit More Emotion in Readers than Literal Expressions (June 2014)

From Princeton University: “Neural sweet talk: Sweet metaphors emotionally engage the brain” (June 2014)