About Us

Here at CUT TO, our goals are – to explore and exhibit all the ways we evaluate films, to encourage others to rethink and analyze the media they consume, to allow insight into local filmmaking history in Lancaster, and to highlight filmmakers and lovers of film!

CUT TO was co-founded by Bruce Bennett, a senior lecturer at the Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts, and our central team of 5 members. Although we are associated with the university, we work separately and do not collaborate with any departments as we are completely student-led!

Within our total 20 members, there are four groups – the editorial and writing team, who receive, process, and polish submissions, the design team, the video essays team, and the interviews team. All of us communicate, and collaborate on one Issue per term, covering a specific theme decided unanimously. 

Each academic term, we publish an electronic catalogue of student-submitted works in our “Issues,” each with a different theme. 

Meet the Core Team (2020-2021)!

Head of Editing

Head of Editing

Head of Design

Head of Interviews

Head of PR

Iolo J. Williams

Third Year Film Student

Inés Cases-Falque

Second Year Film and Creative Writing Student

Joao Eduardo Lima Belchior

First Year Film and Creative Writing Student

Ellie Ball

Film MA Student

Victoria Drave

First Year Film and Theatre Student