Lent Term 2019/20

Condensed Matter Theory Group Meetings: Lent 19/20

This term’s meetings will take place at 11am on Thursdays. This term will start off with a seminar and continue with a series of dice seminars on the topic of SYK and gravity.

Dice Seminars: Sometimes we run Dice Seminars, which occur over the course of 5 weeks or so, and consist of us collaboratively learning about a given topic, by reading a paper or paper section, and rolling a dice to determine who will talk about what they’ve read. The previous topic was “Machine Learning”. The topic before that was “Topological Insulators”.

Other Meetings: ​There are ~weekly condensed matter seminars at 3pm on Fridayswhich will be interesting for anyone attending our group meetings.  These are advertised internally.

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Week Presenter Talk Venue
16th January
Hamed Ghaemidizicheh Physics of Nonlinear Spectral Singularity
Bowland North SR16
23rd January
(To be rolled)
Dice seminar Bowland North SR16
30th January
TBR Dice seminar Bowland North SR16
6th February
TBR Dice seminar C36
13th February
TBR Dice seminar A7
20th February
TBR Dice seminar A7
27th February
TBR   A7
5th March
TBR   A7
12th March
TBR   A7
18th March
TBR   A7


Hamed Ghaemidizicheh – Physics of Nonlinear Spectral Singularity
Spectral singularities are specific points of continuous spectrum of complex scattering potentials where the transmission and reflection amplitudes diverge. This mathematical concept was initially introduced by mathematicians and has recently paved its way in physics. In this presentation, I review the nonlinear generalization of spectral singularity and its application in Optics.