Rethinking British Citizenship Podcast Talk

On Thursday 28 October 2021 from 4pm-6pm UK BST, the Connected Sociologies project will be hosting a discussion onĀ Rethinking British Citizenship: The British Nationality Act 1981 from Decolonisation to Brexit. You can register for the event through Eventbrite here. This is part of a programme of events to support the launch of the podcast series Who do we think we are? hosted by Professor Michaela Benson, Professor in Public Sociology at Lancaster University.

Timed to take place within a few days of the 40 year anniversary of the British Nationality Act 1981 being granted Royal assent, this event chaired by Amit Singh (Connected Sociologies) brings together in conversation Anne-Marie Fortier (Lancaster University), Devyani Prabhat (University of Bristol), with podcast host and producer Michaela Benson (Lancaster University), to discuss the colonial legacies in British citizenship law, contemporary immigration policy, and the citizenship test.

About the contributors:

Michaela Benson is Professor in Public Sociology at Lancaster University, co-lead of the ESRC-funded project Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit, and host and producer of Who do we think we are?

Anne-Marie Fortier is Professor in Sociology at Lancaster University and the author of Uncertain citizenship: life in the waiting room (Manchester University Press, 2021).

Devyani Prabhat is Professor in Law at the University of Bristol, author of Britishness, Belonging and Citizenship (Policy Press, 2018) and editor of Citizenship in times of turmoil (Edward Elgar, 2019)

Amit Singh is a PhD candidate at Birkbeck, University of London, project manager for Connected Sociologies and organiser for Consented.