About the Network

Welcome to the Transnational Family Justice Network!

This network seeks to bring together scholars, policy makers and practitioners with a shared interest in transnational family justice: individuals’ experiences and the regulation, at the national and international level, of citizenship rights and claims in terms of transnational family and intimate relationships.

The social justice implications of family migration have become an issue that requires significant scholarly and public attention, against the backdrop of ongoing migration crises, the resurgence of ethnic nationalism, frequent portrayals in political and media discourse of family migration as a social problem, and widespread public hostility towards immigration.

This network seeks to facilitate debate and collaboration on these issues. It is international in scope, and it seeks to engage with policy makers, practitioners and academics in a range of disciplines across the social sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, social policy, geography, law and politics.

We seek to instigate dialogue on questions such as the following:

  • What are the prevalent public beliefs and social attitudes toward transnational families and intimate relationships?
  • What rationales underlie state regulations of transnational family relations in terms of immigration, employment, and family policies?
  • How do experiences of distinct migration trajectories, and particularly immigration policies and visa regimes, shape transnational intimate and family relationships?
  • How do transnational families’ experiences of intimate citizenship affect their well-being (mental, physical, socioeconomic, etc.) in their host societies?
  • How are transnational family justice systems sexualised and gendered? How may this affect the lived experiences of individuals of distinct gender and sexualities in different ways and potentially reinforce existing and create new gender inequalities in a transnational field?

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