Mona Feise-Nasr

Mona Feise-Nasr
Humboldt University Berlin
Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology (BIT)

I am a doctoral candidate and researcher at the Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology (BIT) with a background in Islamic Studies and experience in empirical qualitative research. Since August 2019, I am a research assistant in the Junior Research Group “Islamic Theology in Context: Science and Society.” My research and interests include Islam & gender, space & bodily practices, interreligiosity, concepts of authority, lived religiosity & relationships. I am a member of the working group “Gender in den Theologien” at Humboldt University which draws on gender discourses and looks at them from within different religious traditions.

In my doctoral thesis “Religious practices in Muslim-interfaith partnerships and families”, I employ practice theory through the lenses of feminism and critical theory as a theoretical framework that allows for the analysis of material, bodies, practices and discourses.

If you are interested in exchanging ideas and experiences on related research and topics, please don’t hesitate to contact me.